Floor 573

The City is a fickle beast, there's no doubt about that. But at least it has contingencies in place. Built a brand new government center and everything after what happened to Monai. But Decassus, it existed before, a lesser floor, unknown, but still important.

What, you thought the City imported everything? Tech here is tons better than what you can get out in the human realm, and where do you think all that tech gets made? Right here, of course.

The Industrial and Manufacturing Hub

Decassus is similar to Tokyo, Japan, and Athens, Greece. Justice Hall can be found in Archaíos. City Hall and all the headquarters for the city's police are found in Decassus. Justice Hall is where the trials happen for the Panopticon. Jundo is the floating Buddhist garden of Hiraizumi.

Scrawled in Frommer's Guide


Snapple Fact

DID YOU KNOW? Silks available for purchase in Decassus are all made from fibers spun by a unique breed of silkworm native to the City.



This beautiful park in the middle of City Name appears to be very similar to the UNESCO world heritage site of Hirazumi. It features vestiges of government offices dating from the 11th and 12th centuries when Hiraizumi was the administrative centre of northern Japan. Jundo moves frequently, so it’s not unusual to turn a corner and feel your breath taken away by its peaceful lakes and gardens, covered by colorful Temples and various open air markets and food stalls.

The Mirukoto

Spirit Detectives Secondary Headquarters


This Industrial Stronghold is home to the manufacturing and commerce heart of the city. Dense populated because this simply the best place for blue collar workers. The people thrive on working with their hands and have a dedication to craftsmanship. Many businesses share the space. They work tirelessly to produce what the City needs to run efficiently.

Justice Hall

Because the City is large and vast, it takes more than one political and government hub to run it. This is the site of the second government hub responsible for other floors. It is also the backup site in case another hub goes down.

The Pulpit

Kairos Territory - Purgatorio Family Headquarters

Other Points of Interest

Mt. Academia

This is the educational stronghold of Decassus. While all traditional subjects are offered? There is a key focus in the industrial arts and sciences, which are heavily favored for job prospects in the city.

Decassus Precinct

The Legion's Decasuss Precinct is the second largest of all the faction's headquarters, as it is the backup governmental floor, and security must be as tight as possible. The building itself is massive, containing dozens of offices, jail cells, and garages for police cars. Legion's version of SWAT has their headquarters here. The building resembles a modern-day fortress due to the technological and industrial advancements so close by.