While humans have difficulty conceiving due to their demons, demons have their own "reproductive" challenges. They may reproduce with other Solo, Civil or Primal demons, provided the demons agree to it, though some do more easily than others. Under no circumstances can Solo, Civil, or Primal Demons reproduce with Humans. 

Items of Note

The desire to reproduce greatly differs from demon to demon, and while some may do so in pursuit of company others may do so for the express purpose of expanding the chaos they cause. 

The contents of these rituals vary from pair to pair, but regardless of the specifics, each demon must contribute part of their essence for a ritual to be successful. Other than this, the rituals and what articles, components, and locations of them are widely varied and can be chosen by the participants themselves. 

Offspring, once made, are but a ball of light and retain this appearance until they decide on a form and have their first meal. They are fully functional and mature entities at birth and therefore do not require physical maintenance from the parent demons. 

The dynamic between parent demons and their offspring are greatly varied and depend on the demons involved. For example, they might take after more permanent human relationships or they might all part ways the moment the ritual is complete. 

Demons can choose to portray any initial age they wish and alter it over time. While the parent demons can easily part ways without needing to nurture their offspring, a new demon is not omniscient and must learn of its world the way anyone else might. 

Upon the conclusion of this ritual, demons may register their specific, individual, and unique agreements in the Demon Contract Reproductive Registry.

Ease of Reproduction

Solo Demons

Solo Demons reproduce most easily with other Solo Demons, but relatively easily with Civil and Primal Demons, as well.

Civil Demons

Civil Demons may reproduce with Solo, Civil or Primal demons with moderate ease.

Primal Demons

Primal Demons will more easily reproduce with other Primal demons than with Civil or Solo Demons, which can prove more challenging

The Contract

There are many different aspects of a demonic contract in order for demons to create offspring. Rituals are involved, contracts are signed, pacts are made.

One of the major restrictions of the contract is that no party entering the contract may harm/kill/eat/etc. the other member so long as the offspring is alive.

However, there is no restriction upon hiring another to do the dirty work, and there is nothing in the contract about killing the offspring. Should the offspring die, the contract becomes void.