Floor 113.

Ghost Town. The ghetto, some people call it. One of the more unsavory floors, where the poor reside. But that's not all there is to it. 

It's a place for long-term residents, people who want to stay away from the more vibrant floors. A place where people can hide, or for people who just want to be left alone. It's not always peaceful, but it's certainly a lot quieter than most.

Ghost Town's known for the sprawling neighborhoods and towering apartment complexes, but it also houses some of the most beautiful architecture the City's ever imported, such as Beijing's Forbidden City.

In reality, all walks of life can be found here, from the poorest to the richest.

The Residential District

Ghost Town is similar to Beijing, China, and Seoul, South Korea. Tengu is the long-term residents' shopping district. Qilin holds the Forbidden City of Beijing. 

Scrawled in Frommer's Guide

Everyone's gotta sleep, sinner and saint. Except for the Demons, of course. Some of the poorest areas of the City can be found here. Some of the most desperate of poverty is played out in Ghost Town. I've always liked the name. We're all ghosts here, all of us. 

Snapple Fact

DID YOU KNOW? The most common street vendors in Ghost Town are ramen stands.



The shops you’ll find here in Tengu are more average than those in Nagini, grocery stores, book stores, meat markets, convenience stores, shopping centers, with owners who are not competing so heavily for customers. Still, things do get bustling frequently, and you can get delicious noodle soups on every corner.

The Warehouse

Kairos Territory - Luxuria Family Headquarters


The Forbidden City of Beijing, former palace of the Ming Emperor through to the fall of the Qing Empire, can be found in Qilin in its entirety. This amazing sightseeing opportunity is one of the few tourist-oriented parts of Ghost Town. Stop by and enjoy the sights!

Other Points of Interest

Ashcroft Compound

Set on the outskirts of Ghost Town the Ashcroft Compound is 100+ acres of gated lands. Inside are the homes of various pack members, homes for their staff, and multiple other buildings including but not limited to security buildings spread out along the walls, a massive personal library, sparring dojo's, and untouched land for the pack and their guests to stretch out and run, away from the noise of the City.

Ghost Town Precinct

The Legion's Ghost Town Precinct is the smallest of all their headquarters, as they mostly deal with petty theft and crime that goes on in the residential district. They're small, crowded, and overworked, many detectives forced to share offices and small cubicles as work spaces. They also have less than a dozen jail cells inside the building.