As the Demon Realm is a forum-based role-play site, all posts are done on the forum itself, in a standard literary format. Dialog is indicated by using quotation marks, thoughts are typically italicized, and paragraphs are separated with at least one blank line between.

Optionally, posts can be contained within RP thread templates, which can be sourced from a variety of sites, or requested via the Graphics channel on the site's Discord server.


Postravaganza is a monthly posting event, wherein each character can earn a dominion mastery upgrade (randomly rolled) upon reaching 25 IC posts (minus communications) for that month, or for reaching 100 total IC posts for the month.

Additionally, the character with the most posts in a single month can also win a new dominion, randomly rolled at lesser mastery.

No player can win two months in a row, and no character can win twice.

Rewards can be claimed by following instructions in the Postravaganza announcement put up every month.


Milestones are rewards given to each character once, upon reaching them.

100 Posts

Random Mastery Increase (excluding godly)

250 Posts

Random Dominion at Proficient Mastery

500 Posts

Random Mastery Increase (possible godly)

1000 Posts

Mastery Increase to Godly on chosen Dominion

Claiming a Milestone

To claim a milestone reward, simply post to this thread and tag a Staff member on the appropriate Discord channel (in this case, Character Creation would suffice.)

Point Rewards

The Demon Realm staff is always looking to find more ways to reward posters, and we have unveiled a point-gaining system!

Right now, this system is in testing stages.

Every post will generate at least one point, with a maximum of 4 per post, based upon word count.

Points will eventually be able to be traded in for rewards, such as mastery increases, new dominions, and even OOC goodies such as personal subforums or quests.